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Global brands rely on Threedium to support their 3D assets and experiences. 

Market-Leading 3D Engine

Create 3D & AR Experiences

3D Viewer & Configurator

See and interact with 3D products on your website. Rotate and zoom to view all angles, in any level of detail, so customers can properly assess your product's quality.

Augmented Reality

Allow customers to appreciate photorealistic AR experiences without needing to install an app. Simply scan a QR code with any smartphone, and have a to-scale 3D model in the room with you in seconds.

MetaCommerce Experiences

As physical ifestyles shift to more virtual formats for work and leisure it’s easy to feel a sense of separation from our identities.

But with 3D and AR technology, the things we love can be as much a part of our life online as it is offline.


eCommerce is evolving

Leading brands rely on Threedium to support them through the process of creating photorealistic 3D assets and experiences. We can work with existing resources or start from scratch to create an affordable solution for your business.
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Immersive Shopping

Customers buy more confidently when they visualize products using 3D & AR so you see more sales and fewer returns.

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Interactive eCommerce

Recreate in-store sales experience using product hotspots and help buyers see every important product feature.

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Show every available option in 3D, reducing costs and improving sustainability by removing your need for large sample inventories.

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Augmented Reality

Scan a QR code with any smartphone and have a to-scale 3D model in the room with you in seconds.

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3D Advertisements

Improve engagement and click-through rates as they explore and interact with products directly from your ads.


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"Threediums immersive 3D formats allow forward-thinking brands to achieve cost savings, demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and help buyers better visualize the products they are buying by replacing samples with detailed interactive 3D images.”
Dipak Pandya, Head of Product and Technology at NuORDER by Lightspeed.

Get started with Unlimited3D

Are you an advanced 3D and AR designer looking for the most powerful 3D Engine on the web?

Unlimited3D from Threedium offers a fully integrated suite of 3D and AR tools designed for modelers, developers and marketers— no matter where you are in your 3D journey.

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