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Team of innovators, digital experts and forward thinkers.

More than 30 employees and partners with offices in UK, US, and Europe. Threedium really got started as— 'the crazy guys trying to publish 3D on the web', back when no one thought it was possible. Fast forward to 2022— Threedium is building the backbone of the 3D internet.
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Sustainability, Innovation and Transparency.

We have changed the way brands bring 3D to life on the web.

Brands trust us because of our impeccable quality and proprietary tech, helping keep your 3D digital twins safe and secure.


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Accessibility of 3D Technologies for everyone.

We make immersive shopping experience tools accessible, affordable and easy-to-build for everyone. Regardless of their level of tech and creative ability, anyone should be able to build and launch high-impact online experiences on-the-go.
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