3D Configurators

Provide interactivity with your products online.

The leading 3D viewer helps your company realize the next step in digital e-commerce by creating high-quality digital twins of your products.
augmented reality

Allow customers to see your products in their space.

Turn any 3D model into an Augmented Reality Experience

Publish bespoke AR solutions in just minutes. No extra plugins, or app needed. Just click, explore and enjoy. 

Augmented Reality (1)
interactive banner ads

Make your marketing campaigns more engaging.

Allow customers to fully experience products as part of your advertising. Improve engagement and click-through rates as they explore and interact with products directly from your ads.

explosive view

Show your products’ structure.

Animated movement positions the parts of your product so that they are exploded into full view— allowing for an incredible amount of detail to be highlighted in a single 3D experience.
try-on products

Enable personal experiences with your products.

Reduce returns, increase engagement and improve conversions with interactive customization and virtual try-on.

3d model animation

Showcase how your products work.

Use dynamic transitions to focus attention on specific details. Use pre-set positioning and zoom to showcase your products in a more immersive, interactive way.


Share key details about your products.

Use hot spots and annotations to recreate an in-store sales experience, guiding customers and engage them with important product features.
custom loaders

Brand your loader for the complete look.

Add a fast-loading animation at the onset of the 3D experience to draw attention and demonstrate the interactivity they are about to see.
cgi video animation

Create marketable 3D video content.

Leverage the 3D asset to create beautiful cinematographic scenes fit for a television advertisement.

Let’s create the future of 3D eCommerce together.

Unlimited3D from Threedium offers a fully integrated suite of 3D and AR tools designed for modelers, developers and marketers— no matter where you are in your 3D journey.


metacommerse experiences

Building in the new digital landscape.

Ready to build your brand's virtual headquarters? Let's schedule a meeting in the metaverse and we can show you around a bit.
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