Let’s create the future of 3D eCommerce together.

Unlimited3D from Threedium offers a fully integrated suite of 3D and AR tools designed for modelers, developers and marketers— no matter where you are in your 3D journey.
unlimited3d platform

Proprietary 3D SaaS Solution Platform

Enjoy a robust 3D commerce UX and workflow – on one platform that's easy to transition to, keeps your 3D assets organized, and integrates with the systems you already use including Shopify, Salesforce or any other CRM/ ERP.


unlimited3d scanner app

Free 3D Scanner App

Scan, Publish & Share products in 3D with Unlimited 3D, a powerful 3D Scanning app that uses AI and any decent camera to turn physical objects into photorealistic 3D assets.
Mask group
Mask group
unlimited3d marketplace

3D Model Marketplace

Do you just need some 3D models to start? Sign up to our Marketplace and leverage scalable asset creation through the Unlimited 3D network made up of our in-house team plus hundreds of freelancers. Our team makes this process easy regardless of asset volume while ensuring the highest quality 3D models.
lite builder

DIY 3D Model Viewer and Configurator

Need a quick custom t-shirt? Our easy to use 3D Lite Builder allows anyone to quickly and easily upload an image, customize colors, add text and publish in minutes with no design or coding.
Lite Builder

More exciting 3D Products coming soon.

We are constantly working on creating innovative products for 3D eCommerce. We believe in making 3D tech available for all industries and businesses.